"Blessed are You, HaShem our GD, King of the Universe, who firms man's footsteps" 
Birchot HaShacar/Shacharit morning prayers
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Because many of the volunteers in our fully supported volunteer organization share a common heritage as Bnei Anousim, our passion for helping other isolated Bnei Anousim to make their own “return” has been greatly shaped within our own experiences ,victories  and personal journeys towards drawing closer to HaShem. It is also because of these shared experiences that we too understand extremely well what you’re going through in your own journey.

Although we do not actively seek out people to help them in their return process, we are ready, willing and able to do all that we can to help/assist those seeking our support.

In doing this work, we are prepared with a network of leadership, activists and resources that expand all across the globe. In addition, we fully believe that this is a GD given tafkid (mission) and huge mitzvah, that we continue to work towards fulfilling daily with dedication and passion.

If you are interested in your own process of return or conversion, please fill out the online questionnaire, or contact us with your questions. After we have received your information, an administrator from Ezra L’Anousim will email back to you with further instructions on how you may receive our help/assistance, and/or answer any questions that you may have submitted to us about our programs.

All The best,

Ezra L’ Anousim Staff and Directors



Mandatory Disclaimer

There are two great challenges facing us in helping people to make a proper and complete return as Bnei Anousim.

1) There have been some who are attempting to return under a disguise of their prevalent and continued Catholic, Judeo-Christian and or Messianic beliefs and practices.

2) There are people who do not understand that we are not trying to proselytize the Bnei Anousim in order to convert them and remove them from their current beliefs.  Our desire is to help/assist them in their journey, should they seek out our organization of their own free will and personal desire to leave their former faith practices. Our position on this matter is no different than the normative position that Judaism holds to having zero tolerance and or participation in proselytizing peoples of other faith practices.

Ezra L’Anousim and its affiliates understand that this attempt at “infiltration” of the Jewish world by people still holding onto beliefs foreign to Judaism has been a troubling problem. It’s also understood that due to the fact that the ancestors of the Bnei Anousim had been under forced conversions, during the inquisitions, that some of these doctrinal beliefs have continuously followed and hounded our people during their current journey as well.

HOWEVER, although this refusal to let go of beliefs that are foreign to Judaism may be the case for some that desire to return. It MUST BE UNDERSTOOD that maintaining those beliefs are in fact a major prohibition for the Bnei Anousim making a full return to Torah Judaism. As such Ezra L’Anousim, and its affilitates, will only help a candidate to return, in their own process, so long as they have formally recognized and professed a COMPLETE DISAVOWAL of all previous Catholic, Judeo-Christian and or Messianic beliefs and practices.

Please see a copy of our official AFFIDAVIT ( under our disclaimer page of the website) that has the Ben/Bat Anousim renouncing all or any former faith & practices that are foreign to Judaism. And all “potential candidates” for return and or formal conversion will be required to sign that legal document before we will consent to work with them on their formal conversion or return