1. Based upon research and proposals to be submitted to Israeli NGO’s, senior professional leadership are analyzing the MOST effective ways of demonstrating to the Bnei Anousim Communities worldwide that we (and our Israeli NGO partners) are engaging in the immediate short term, with various results oriented Projects and Programs on their behalf.
  2. Developing and Executing a Protocol for Brazilian Bnei Anousim Returnees with certain NGO’s in Israel to bring them as potential returnees to specific Beit Din in Israel who support the halakha of the “return” based on strong “evidences”. Continue coaching the Bnei Anousim on how to develop (and present to Beit Din) their “evidences” for maternal descendent from Jews in the mother’s female line.
  3. Developing and Executing a Social Media Campaign and Communications Plan regarding our JOINT projects with other Israel NGO’s
  4. Developing a Rabbi Certification program with a Sephardi Yeshiva in Jerusalem to train Bnei Anousim Returnees to become Rabbis and then go back to support their communities in the Diaspora
  5. Developing an Integration Program for Bnei Anousim with local Jewish Communities along the theme of the “correction of a social justice issue” e.g. with annual joint Yom HaAztma’ut celebrations that the Bnei Anousim have been doing for four years in a row (since 2016).
  6. Requesting of Jewish Agency to Expand their Taglit/Birthright and Massa programs for “returnees” in the Diaspora who have already appeared before a Beit Din for their “return certificate”
  7. Developing a Social Media Campaign to allow the general public to know about (and contribute their ideas to) our JOINT programs for the Bnei Anousim with Israel NGO’s
  8. Creating a program of Sephardi Bnei Anousim Art (Exhibits) and History for the Jerusalem Diaspora Museum, and other organizations, in Israel
  9. Charting a plan and approach to enlist the help & support of many other NGOs in Israel in terms of how they can assist us in these efforts.
  10. Expanding the Ezra L’Anousim Volunteer Program. We are starting with two NGO’s in Israel (and we are talking with others) to accept Bnei Anousim to come to Israel as Volunteers (we are working on approvals for this from Ministry of Social Welfare and the Ministry of Interior for Ezra L’Anousim to bring Volunteers to Israel).
  11. Continue to Develop and Expand the Educational Seminars offered by our Rabbis on Torah, Mitzvot, Halacha and Hashkafot of Sephardim. These are a requirement for converts and returnees alike.