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It was once said that a Jew who puts on Tefillin each day, it is as if he had also studied Torah all day long.

Aside from the understanding of the very greatness of Tefillin for a Jew, we must also understand that having a set that is pasul (not Kosher) is such a tremendous danger, that often a Jew must go to great lengths to assure that his Tefillin are absolutely Kosher.

Aside from the many halachic requirements to ensure such standards are met a very real financial cost also usually accompanies that search.

In an effort to help many emerging Bnei Anousim communities to not only acquire Tefillin for use but to also make sure that these Tefillin are also kosher, Ezra L’Anosuim is trying to help fund-raise supplemental funds to contribute towards individuals within these communities in making such purchases.

We do however believe that a person should make every effort to afford themselves to purchase such Tefillin on their own, however we do not want to see people in these emerging communities buying non kosher quality Tefillin simply because the cost is outside of their own means.

For this reason we are asking for others that have the ability to help with financial resources in this area to consider the great mitzvah that it would be to help aide the returning of the Bnei Anousim through the aide or Jewish observance and learning. No value can be placed on the effect that one Jew has on another in the encouragement of mitzvot and practice and learning.

Would you consider giving a donation towards the Ezra L’ Anousim emerging communities Tefillin Fund?

May you be Blessed and Strengthened for your consideration and donation!



Ezra L’Anousim Staff and Directors