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One of the greatest needs facing our emerging Bnei Anousim communities is the great need for more Seforim. Most specifically Siddurim and Chumashim. Many publishing companies have such available books for a price range of about $20 t0 $40 each for such Seforim. This of course is only covering the very basics of Seforim, as many observant Jews understand that a vibrant community also has a great need for books on Halacha, Talmud and other Jewish writings. These sets often running into the 100’s and even 1000’s of dollars.

All in all, as emerging Bnei Anousim communities begin to grow the need for Seforim will also continue to grow. In truth many of communities may be able to begin to combat these needs at a very basic level but it is our hope at Ezra L’ Anousim to help raise funds in order that we all may help aide that growth with essential Jewish texts and resources.

It is also our hopes that in time we may be able to expand our fundraising efforts to include the purchase of Sifrei Torah as well.

Please consider the great mitzvah that it would be to help aide the returning of the Bnei Anosuim through the aide or Jewish observance and learning. No value can be placed on the effect that one Jew has on another in the encouragement of mitzvot and practice and learning.

Would you consider giving a donation towards the Ezra L’ Anousim emerging communities Seforim Fund?

May you be blessed and strengthened for your consideration and donation!



Ezra L’Anousim Staff and Directors