Some partner communities are returning to their Jewish roots, such as the Bnei Anousim, who were forced to convert to Christianity in Spain and Portugal since the 15th century and some of whom continued to practice Judaism in secret. Today their descendants can be found in our partner communities across the Spanish and Portugese speaking world. Other communities embraced Judaism from scratch, often in complete isolation.

It is our hope and our great responsibility to ensure that our vibrant Sephardi Jewish ancestry, as Bnei Anousim and former Bnei Anousim, once again thrives after the 500+ year journey through persecutions, troubles, trauma and isolation.

From this striving, we work towards a collective movement of emerging Bnei Anousim communities that will (GD willing) bring us ever closer to our People (the Jewish people) and to our Land. We believe that this movement is bring about the final chapter in the prophecies about the “in-gathering of the exiles” – because our S&P ancestors were exiled from the rest of the Jews (Judeans) of the Roman exile. (see Ovadia 1:20-21)