The Holocaust Museum in Houston, TX (the very first to offer this) will be showing the film “Children of the Inquisition on Feb 13th. They are thinking they might like to open a permanent exhibit about the Inquisition to show the historic connection between the Nazis and the Spanish Inquisition.

Our team of activists and advocates will be doing a replicating this kind of event at other venues to help educate the world about the Bnei Anousim.

We also now have a new Managing Director in NYC whose role it will be to coordinate with Jewish Communities all around the world (but staring in NYC) to also offer showings of this excellent film and talk about the struggles of the Crypto-Jews of today (i.e. of the descendants of the victims of the Inquisition).

This is HUGE … the next day for these events (to be planned) will be on Yom Ha’Atzma’ut and Yom Yerushalayim in 2022 … USA is a priority but we’ll also be working for Latin American venues as well … BRAZIL is excited to get started on this (for example).

Here is link for the trailer of this excellent film

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